Deck of me # 22

This weeks promt from Emilys art challenge  is: "what would you like to learn?"

I just LOVE to eat Sushi, so it would be good if I learned to make it too ;-)
So that what I wrote on my card this week.

Postat av: Paula

This is an unusual one. I honestly though it came ready made, I am so dim!!! Never eaten it. I swear it is most probably gorgeous but it is the thought of it.

Postat av: Marjolein

Wow.....what a great card, and what an unsual thing to want to learn, but it would be great if you could though!

2007-06-04 @ 19:32:22
Postat av: jen davis

What a fun thing to want to learn to do!
Thanks for sharing, and great card!

2007-06-04 @ 21:02:23
Postat av: Je@net

What a great card! And what a great thing to learn!! Jummie!!

2007-06-05 @ 08:45:58
Postat av: Elin

Great card. Love it!!

2007-06-05 @ 21:02:19
Postat av: valerie

love the card the lace is so racey

2007-06-05 @ 21:28:14
Postat av: Deborah

Love your card, especially the lace along the bottom :)

2007-06-05 @ 23:44:37
Postat av: Nat

That is a good card!!! Oh and making sushi is so much fun!!!! And not that bad - just give it a try! We bought some books - don't skip the ingredients- LOL. No really- invite some friends and make it - you can do it.
Love the lace on your card too !!!

2007-06-06 @ 17:30:26
Postat av: Sue

Stunning card!

2007-06-06 @ 19:29:57
Postat av: Lily

Brrr... gillar du sushi? *gör äcklade miner* Jag önskar jag gillade det - men det går bara inte! *ryser*
MEN ditt kort ryser jag inte av! Vilka härliga färger! Så snyggt med stämplarna (om det är stämplar?) med cirkel-bokstäver. Och pricken över i:et är ju spetsen! Supersnyggt!

2007-06-06 @ 22:04:59
Postat av: jess

LOVE your card!! and what a great thing to want to learn how to do!!! mmmm - sushi!!! YUM!!!
Xx Jess

2007-06-07 @ 08:33:44
Postat av: dani

Great card, i don't like sushi but think its fun to make it !!

Postat av: mrc1471

i tried to comment on your card last week, but had probs.
once you learn how to make your sushi, pls feel free to come over to my house and make me some!lol

2007-06-12 @ 04:41:22
Postat av: debbie

Love the black lace with the red. Very striking. My husband makes sushi. If he can do it, you can do it!

2007-06-13 @ 07:10:43

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