Deck of me # 25

This weeks post for Em's challenge: a photo that means something to you
I picked one of all my favorite photos.
My son lying down in the woods laughing and his face is sunkissed.

Deck of me # 24

This weeks promt from
Emilys art challenge  is: "Remember when"

Since it's my son's birthday I couldn't go with out remebering his birth 2 years ago.
So I scraped someother (15) random memorys ;-)

As many of you can see I used some of the nice ribbons (framed the pictures with them) and paper from "Love Elsie"... And I do... love Elsies work ;-)


denna web-sida hittade jag en lista på 100 ideer, som jag läste o inspirerades av.Här är ett resultat av den inspirationen:


Vad vill DU göra varje dag??

Deck of me # 23

This promt could not have come in a more right time ;-)
Thank U
Loved that I've got the chance to make a special memory of the feeling that I have rigth now... about our new summer house!


Deck of me # 22

This weeks promt from Emilys art challenge  is: "what would you like to learn?"

I just LOVE to eat Sushi, so it would be good if I learned to make it too ;-)
So that what I wrote on my card this week.