Deck of me # 8

This weeks promt from Emilys art challenge  is: who (or what) do you miss?
My first thout is of course my dear Mam and Dad
Deck of me # 8
I miss my parents soo much. It's respectively 7 and 4 year since they left this world.
Not a day has pass by without me missing them!

Postat av: Anonym

love it! the bird is so cute!

2007-02-26 @ 20:53:19
Postat av: debbie

Sweet card. Love the "M" and little bird :) I also like the way you put your most current card on top of your stack of completed cards. Very creative...

Postat av: Marjolein

Love your card... says everything you feel!

2007-02-26 @ 21:50:50
Postat av: Elwira

What a great card! So full of emotion in 4 little words. Also love the way you're displaying your cards. Great idea.

Saw your glitter letters on the shirt too... WOW!!

2007-02-26 @ 21:55:23
Postat av: Tracie H

I just adore this card....its stunning.
Love your birdie lots.

Postat av: Jeanet

Love your card!!

2007-02-27 @ 16:15:12
Postat av: valerie

lovley card love the bird

2007-02-27 @ 20:14:02
Postat av: valerie

lovley card love the bird

2007-02-27 @ 20:25:07
Postat av: colleen

gorgeous card

2007-02-27 @ 23:19:30
Postat av: leslie

Your card is so beautiful! I love the scripty feel and that bird is the cutest. :)

2007-02-28 @ 18:06:24
Postat av: Daphne

Beautiful card!
Love the colours you used

Postat av: Anonym

Oh wow - what a wonderful card!

2007-03-01 @ 15:34:11
Postat av: karalenn

Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVE this card! I think it's my favorite that I've seen so far for this week. I love that bird, but the M and all the little doodly things around it make me so happy! It's wonderful!

2007-03-03 @ 00:33:15
Postat av: Jess

once again... a beautiful card! love it!

2007-03-04 @ 08:48:44

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